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Smart Soccer founder Neil Smart, a teacher by profession, has been in the world of soccer education for over 30 years. In addition to continuing to oversee Smart Soccer he is also Director of Coaching (DOC) for the REC division at Warrington Soccer Club, more details on the link below.


Director of Coaching

The primary role of Smart Soccer is to work in partnership with clubs to provide FUN and educational recreational soccer programs. This involves overseeing training for all age groups, most commonly u5 through u19 in a typical club recreation program.


The main objectives are as follows.

Smart Soccer Dribbling.jpg

Camp Warm-Up

  • Establishing and overseeing parent-child programs for the beginner u4/u5 participants  

  • Providing training programs that combine skill development with small sided games for the younger, developing players at the u5-u8 level. 

  • Providing continued age appropriate skill development training, alongside game understanding at the 7v7 and above levels, for the older u10-u19 players 

  • Providing enhanced skill development programs for REC players who genuinely want to improve and increase their knowledge of the game as they move through the REC program or transition to travel team play. 

  • Oversee training programs for volunteer club coaches to help implement and reinforce all of the above objectives

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Smart Soccer Pose.jpg

Other programs offered by Smart Soccer, subject to availability, include:

  • Private and small group training for all levels of player, including elite level players

  • Soccer birthday parties you host, at your home or local field, and we will provide a FUN experience for your child’s special day!

  • Academy training for the u8 through u10 age groups to help younger travel team players develop their skills and improve their understanding of the game when transitioning from 4v4 to the more complex 7v7 game 

  • Travel team training for all levels of boys and girls travel teams

Smart Soccer Birthday.jpg

Smart Soccer Birthday!

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