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This page acknowledges the memory of my beautiful wife and her significant role in the development of the Smart Soccer training program.  

Bonnie Smart was an amazing and radiant person, a bright star with a generous and giving nature who touched the lives of so many people. One of her many accomplishments in life was the positive and dynamic role she played behind the scenes in helping to develop Smart Soccer into a first class professional soccer training organization. 


No job was too big, too small or too overwhelming for Bonnie if it had to get done it got done! Her work ethic and attention to detail made it easy for Neil to do what he did best, get out there with the kids and coach! Although Bonnie did not actually coach she was a dedicated and much loved teacher which meant that the kids always enjoyed seeing her and had a lot of fun when she was around the camp and training venues. 


I hope her family and friends might enjoy these photos and reading this small but sincere tribute to beautiful Bonnie.


Bonnie and Neil shortly after they met in 1986

Bonnie 3.jpg

Neil and Bonnie at the England games in Miami 2014


Many thanks to Bonnie’s Blue Angels for their support during the most difficult of times.

A Bonnie Memory From Neil
"When I met Bonnie in 1986 she had never kicked a ball and although a big sports fan she knew little about ‘the beautiful game’. That changed very quickly after we met, Bonnie was a natural athlete and was soon scoring goals at the many coaches clinics I was running at the time. At one session in Washington DC I set her up for a hattrick in a coaches game and was thinking ‘this lass is a keeper!’ Her love and enthusiasm for the game was immediate and during that time I nicknamed her 'Boniek' after the famous Polish player who had just competed in the 1986 World Cup.

Over time Bonnie became a passionate soccer fan supporting Man UTD and England, my influence of course! She also was very successful at 'stalking' world class players and managers (examples below) and I hope to post more photos of Bonnie and other famous faces from the footie world at a future date. 

Without question Bonnie's professional legacy is that she was instrumental in the evolution of Smart Soccer, a program that helped so many young soccer players have FUN, develop skills and learn positive qualities such as leadership and teamwork.


Bonnie with Stevie G


Neil and Bonnie with Sir Alex Ferguson

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